The Oxford Guild of Printers has existed for over twenty-five years, and membership includes some of Britain's leading Fine Press printers, a wide range of design, printing and publishing professionals - from students to the retired - and a growing number of Fine Press collectors and dealers. They come from as far afield as north of the Tay and west of the Atlantic.The meetings feature a speaker of some distinction on a printing or book-related topic or take the form of a visit to a noted library, Press or museum. There is generally time for a stimulating interchange of news and ideas between members before the talk - and afterwards an opportunity to meet the speaker.



Picnic planned for
Sunday 10 August 2014

Last year's inaugural picnic, hosted by Liz Adams at the University College Boat House, seems to have been well received. There will be another picnic, this year at Coneygar Lodge, Quenington, Gloucestershire, GL7 5BZ, home of the Chairman and the Reading Room Press. The aim is to gather for conviviality and bonhomie with food, perhaps, if you feel inclined, to share. Coneygar Lodge is about a mile to the east of Quenington on the road to the hamlet of Ready Token, in fact, on the course of the old Roman road, Akeman Street. Quenington is slightly to the north and midway between Cirencester and Lechlade. Parking will be in an adjoining field. You will almost certainly get lost but the countryside is delightful and telephoning 01285 750662 will connect you to mission control for landing instructions. Gather from 12 o'clock onwards. ALL WELCOME.

Saturday 11 October 2014
at Oxford Brookes, 10am - 5pm.

We have the Main Hall only this year. Tables will cost £30 if booked and paid for by 31st July. Thereafter the charge will be £40. Cheques drawn to 'Oxford Guild of Printers' Apply directly to me: (chairman@oxfordguildofprinters.com)