Oxford Guild of Printers

News 2014

Oxford Guild of Printers – A.G.M. – 2.xii.13

Apologies were received from Liz Adams, Bob Elliot, Christabel Hardacre, Geoffrey Hulett, Christina Kingsmill, Paul Nash, Paul Rassam, Mick Toole.

Chairman’s Report

  • ‘Printing on Show’ 12 members contributed. Well received. Thanks to Peter White for organising this.
  • Chipping Campden Wayzgoose organised by Louisa Hare. A small but well attended affair with much bonhomie; the Guild attracted several new members.
  • Visit to Paul Getty’s Wormsley Library. The full complement of 30 members attended. Insufficient superlatives.
  • Inaugural Picnic hosted by Liz Adams at the University College Boat House. 15 members attended, one swimming in the river. More bonhomie.
  • The Oxford Fine Press Book Fair. ca 19 Guild members had tables. OGP table busy. The inaugural OGP Private Press Prize - cheque for £100 - went to Rosemary Roberts of the Celtic Cross Press. Thanks to judges: Liz Adams, Susan Allix & Christabel Hardacre.

Treasurer’s Report

See attached sheets. The Guild is ‘in funds’ and no increase in subscriptions is required this year. The accounts were adopted: proposed by Simon Haviland, seconded by Peter Wilson.

Election of Officers

All members of the committee agreed to stand for re-election (but see Website Manager). Once again it was suggested that ‘fresh blood’ would be advisable. Jane Russ indicated here willingness to be involved and this will be pursued. The website management has been handed over to Phil Treble who has been co-opted onto the Committee. Brian Clarke has been thanked for his input.

The Committee was proposed by Margaret Condon & seconded by Richard Broughton:

  • Chairman – Miles Wigfield
  • Vice-Chairman – Richard Lawrence
  • Treasurer – Michael Daniell
  • Newsletter Editor – Liz Adams
  • Membership Secretary – Christabel Hardacre
  • Events Secretary – Miles Wigfield
  • Website Manager – Phil Treble
  • Ex-officio – Paul Nash

Any Other Business

  1. Website – see above.
  2. Picnic – repeat. Date to be confirmed in August. The Chairman offered to host it.
  3. Wayzgoose – the intention is to hold it again at Oxford Brookes, for one day in October. Date to be confirmed.
  4. Private Press Prize – to be repeated in 2015. The committee will discuss whether to increase the number of prizes and whether to arrange some sort of exhibition of entries.
  5. Newsletter distribution. To continue without change to the present arrangements.
  6. Visit suggestions. There was some enthusiasm for returning to the Wormsley Library but it was felt better not to go back so soon.

The meeting closed in pleasurable anticipation of Michael Daniell’s talk: Any Old Iron.