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New work 2015

3 February 2015

Norman Janes: Wood Engravings & the Man by by Elizabeth Grice

Evergreen Press – John Grice

The discovery of original woodblocks from the early 20th century, engraved by Norman Janes, inspired Evergreen Press to bring this fine and dedicated artist out of the shadows. Norman Janes: Wood Engravings & the Man showcases his prints and pieces together his unexamined life. This book is a celebration of both – handsome, sympathetic and engaging.

355 × 248mm with 135 pages and an additional 36 pages of litho illustration.

Set by Neil Winter at the Whittington Press in 14pt Caslon Large Face and printed letterpress on Zerkall mould-made paper.

Quarter bound in leather with pattern paper sides by Barbara Greg at the Fine Book Bindery in two editions: 110 regular copies and 40 special copies, the latter having a portfolio of four larger engravings printed from the wood.

  • Regular edition: £325
  • Special edition: £475

Contact Evergreen Press or Elizabeth Grice on 0207 249 2530

24 January 2015

MALDON by translated from the Anglo Saxon by Michael Smith

The Salvage Press – Jamie Murphy

This new translation of the much loved ‘The Battle of Maldon’ was achieved by Ireland’s foremost translator of poetry, Michael Smith (1942–2014).

From Michael’s introduction… ‘The battle described in this fragment of epic took place on the 10th or 11th of August 991 at Maldon or the river Blackwater (Pante) in Essex. A band of Vikings led by Justin and Guthmund made an incursion into the east coast of England. Having plundered Ipswich, they moved into Essex as far as Maldon… The East-Saxon earl, Byrhtnoth, came down from the north with as many men as he could muster and encamped on the mainland, opposite the causeway. It is on the shores of this river that the battle was fought. It is not known who composed the verses of the fragment. Scholars are of the opinion that the surviving fragment constitutes as much as seventy five per cent of the original.’

Designed, typeset by hand & letterpress printed. Simon Brett designed & engraved the illustrations, which have been printed from the original wood blocks. The calligraphic titles have been printed from magnesium plates after designs by Frances Breen. The type has been set in 12 & 18 point Monotype Caslon Old Face (series 128). Printed on Zerkall 170 gsm mouldmade. There are 65 books printed. Copies marked i–xv (De Luxe) have been half-bound in Pentland Goat with paper sides & are accompanied by a portfolio of strikes of the engravings in protective slipcases. Copies marked 1–40 (Standard) have been half-bound in bookcloth with paper sides & housed in protective slipcases. Intended for private distribution, five full cloth-bound copies in slipcases are marked a–e & are hors de commerse. Five copies marked 41–45 remain as collated sheets. The bindings have been executed by Tom Duffy in his workshop at Dublin’s Five Lamps.

  • De Luxe: Sold Out
  • Standard: €240 + P&P
  • Sheets: €200 + P&P

Contact: Jamie Murphy

11 January 2015

An Advertiser’s Alphabet by by A.S.J.Tessimond and Ceri Richards

The Reading Room Press – Miles Wigfield

Lying in Tessimond’s archive, not much more than a cardboard-box, has been a stapled booklet signed by both Tessimond and Richards on the first page and dated 1930. Tessimond appears to have entered alphabetically, words relating to his trade as an advertising copywriter such as ‘Brand Name’, ‘Habit’, and ‘Psychology’. Richards has painted 25 (there is no ‘A’) delightful gouache vignettes while Tessimond has added his own interpretaion of the art and guile of the advertising business.

The images have been scanned and printed digitally by the Senecio Press, one per recto page, onto BFK Rives 180gsm paper. The text is printed letterpress in Lutetia with Romulus Open for display. The format is larger than the original. The introduction is by Mel Gooding, the artist’s son-in-law and acknowledged expert on Richards. The black and white design painted on the cover of the booklet is reproduced in reduced form on the Buggra Butten paper covers. Casebound by Chris Hicks. 150 copies.

Price £48 + p&p. (Sets of sheets for binding £25)

Contact: Miles Wigfield

10 January 2015

On Collecting Books and Printing them too by by Viscount Carlow

The Reading Room Press – Miles Wigfield

This account of Viscount Carlow’s enthusiasm for book collecting and, subsequently, for printing remained unfinished at the time of his death. He died in an air crash towards the end of the Second World War while on official duty. It is of interest not only for its description of founding the Corvinus Press but of his literary friendship with T. E. Lawrence. Carlow was one of the favoured recipients of the ‘Oxford’ text of Seven Pillars of Wisdom as well as his advice regarding book collecting.

110 copies. Magnani Vergata Avorio paper. Centaur set and cast by Stan Lane of Gloucester Typesetting Services. Frontispiece portrait of Viscount Carlow by Eric Kennington. Casebound by Chris Hicks with patterned paper boards by Paul Kershaw. Printed on an Albion press.

Price £44 + p&p.

Contact: Miles Wigfield